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Managing Responsibilities

Your main responsibility is the customers; keeping in mind the cleanliness of the dining room.  Your next job is to make sure the guests receive their food correctly. Once their order has been placed on the computer and you have assigned them a table number then you need to make sure they receive their order in a timely fashion. 


Once the cook has finished the order and placed the food on the counter, make sure to look over the ticket and confirm everything is correct. If there is something missing, then notify the back staff to correct it. Then take the plates to the customer.

Take the ticket with you so if the customer has a question about their order, you can quickly answer it.  (It also helps to avoid confusion of tickets at the counter.) Make sure to take the table number from the customer after you have brought them their food.

ALWAYS ask if they've had the fry sauce (if it's on their plate). If they have not had our fry sauce before, then explain how it is mixed together. Don't tell them what is in the fry sauce unless they ask. 


After the customers have left, wipe down the bottles where they have touched.


Wipe down the top of the paper towel holder.


Wipe down the honey bottle.


Make sure to arrange the bottles and table tops back to normal.


Priority Managment

There will be times when there will be multiple tickets, multiple customers, cars in the drive through, and then the phone rings. Being able to properly prioritize the situation is going to be a very important skill. 

In this situation, and most situation you need to address the customer that arrived first. If a meal is ready to be taken out from the kitchen, finish the order you are taking and then politely ask if they are ok with you taking out the food while it is hot.


We want finished orders to go out as soon as possible.

If you are taking an order and the phone rings, ask the customer to hold on for just one second. Answer the phone, and ask them to hold for just a few minutes, then return to the original customer. 

Don't forget to go back to the customer on the phone.



Doing some light baking is also a part of the job. The front position is responsible for baking cornbread and desserts in the morning. Only make desserts  if Lisa asks you to.  Pitmaster is known for having great home made cookies and brownies. The recipes are not particular hard but always ask questions if you are not familiar with a term. 

The cornbread is a staple of the restaurant. Make sure to follow all recipes exactly as written. Do NOT approximate the measurements.  Be very exact.  The cornbread will need to be made throughout the day as needed. 

Once the desserts are done baking place them on the trays out front in the dessert cabinet. 

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