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Learning THe POS

Point Of Sale System

Here at Pitmaster we use the SQUARE Point of Sale System. The more familiar you are with the various screens will help make the ordering process smooth.

Taking An Order Crash Course

Sign into the system using the number given to you as your employee number


Enter your employee number and clock in. The next screen will prompt you to select the position you are working that night. 

Then hit continue to Square For Resteraunts.


This is the main ordering screen for the system. You will see our menu displayed in different categories as green buttons.


Lets say for this example that the customer wants a pork sandwich with fries and a drink.

Click on the category for sandwiches, and then touch the pork sandwich Button.

This is the modifier page. The majority of the items have a modifier page. It allows you to select options for the selected dish. 

This is where you pick the side dishes and additional items like salad dressing or cheese.


Select the drink option they want. Feel free to ask if they want a drink with their meal if they haven't previously specified.

Once the meal is complete, press the PAY button.


On the pay screen you will see on the left hand side the option for how they would like to pay

For Cash, select the total of how much they give you, then it will tell you how much you owe them.


Most customers will pay with a credit card. Direct the customer how to insert their card into the slot on our card reader.

For gift certificates select the 3RD PARTY option on the side and then from the drop down menu select GIFT CERTIFICATE. Unfortunately the system wont give you a total. So you will have to do some math. Feel free to grab the calculator from behind the counter to write their remaining total on their certificate.

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