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Learning The Dish Shift


The dish shift is an interictal part of the Pitmaster system, while being one of the easiest to explain. Familiarize yourself with the position of everything.

The Dirty dishes are placed on the left hand side rack. (1).gif

Your responsibility will be to spray them off and scrap them if necessary. Using the spay nozzle can be effective, but you might have to use the sponge or steel wool. (2).gif

Once that is complete, place them inside the dish washer machine to be sanitized. The dish washer machine is actually a dish sanitizing machine. It wont remove any hard food build up. So it is important to remove the build up before placing into the machine.

Once the dishes are placed then you need to make sure the bottom is full of hot water. Pressing the fill button will start filling the lower bin. Once it is full and to the correct temperature. Pull down the door arm that is attached to the side. This will activate the machine.


After the dishes are sanitized then remove them and place them on the drying rack. There time on the rack will depend on how wet they are. Most things need to be completely dry before putting away. (3).gif

You'll notice that there is a limited amount of space in the dish room. All the dishes wont fit on the racks, or in the machine. You will need to prioritize what you are washing and when. Rotate through the cleaning steps so that all the dishes can be cleaned smoothly. For example: once a batch of dishes are drying on the rack, start cleaning new ones to be prepped for the machine.

One those dishes are dry, put in a new load into the machine before putting away, so the machine can be running at the same time.

Its all about timing and prioritizing.


Once everything is dry return them to their correct place in the kitchen. We don't expect you to know where everything goes at first. Feel free to ask questions until you have it down.

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