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Closing The Dish Shift

The dish shift picks up towards the end of the night when all the dishes used for cooking need to be cleaned for the next day. Once all the dishes are cleaned and put away, there are a few other things to close up the station and prepare it for the next day.


The sinks need to be cleaned with comet. You can find it in the mop closet where all the chemicals are stored. Sprinkle the comet around the sink, and then use a sponge to wipe the comet around the sink. Spray it off to finish. The comet must be placed back in the closet when its done. The Health Department dosen't allow cleaning chemicals to stay close to the dish area.


Pull the filter out of the dish washer and spray it off. Slide the secondary filter out from the side and spray it off also.

When the 2 dish washer filters are sprayed, empty the white strainer filter underneath the sink.


Take the white trays that are underneath the dirty dish rack and the drying dish rack and spray them off.

Make sure all the walls are free of sauce and debris by wiping them down.



Last but not least make sure all the black trays are dryed and papered.

Then check with the nightly manager to check off your station.

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