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Customer Interaction

Our goal is to make the customer’s experience wonderful from the moment they get out of their car until they get back into their car.

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  • Initial greeting:  If possible, say, “Welcome to Pitmaster BBQ.”  If you are with another customer and verbally welcoming someone is not possible, try to get eye contact and smile.  People like to be acknowledged.

    • Once at the register, be sure to welcome them, ask about them, smile, and make them comfortable.

    • Be knowledgeable about the menu

    • When they ask what is the best, tell them it is all good

    • If they ask what is your favorite, emphasize that everyone has different tastes and offer some different options.  

    • There are many “regular” customers.  Try to get to know their face or name.  If you happen to remember their “regular” order, they appreciate that even more.

    • Be friendly

    • Go the extra mile if possible.

      • If you find out there is a birthday, put in a candle in a dessert for them. 

      • When you deliver their food, if they don’t have utensils, always guide them to their location or offer to get utensils for them

  • Solicitors and/or those asking for donations:

    • Do NOT give out any information to ANYONE asking

      • If it is someone that we truly work with, they will know to contact a GM or owner

    • Refer anyone coming in for these requests, refer them to the GM 

      • If the GM has a question about this, they will get the appropriate information


Those asking catering questions always need to be referred to our Pitmaster Catering Specialist. (Lisa, or Porter) If one of them is not there then take their information and tell them that we will give them a call back ASAP.

Please write down:

-Their name

-Phone Number


-Your name

Do not try to fulfill a cater order on your own.

  • Customer treatment of staff:

    • We do not expect any staff member to be verbally abused or treated poorly by any customer

    • If you feel a customer has crossed the line of politeness and is getting aggressive in ANY way, immediately go to your supervisor and notify him/her.

    • We do reserve the right to ask any person the leave the property

  • Food Service:

    • If there are multiple people at a table,

      • Be sure to check numbers and take their food at the same time

      • If there are a lot of people sharing a number, let the back know there are “____”  so many tickets on the same number

    • When you take any food that has fry sauce out, ask the guest if they have had the fry sauce before.  If not, explain it.

    • When serving a customer’s food, do not wear gloves

    • Pause to ask guest if there is anything else they need

    • When working the front alone:

      • If there is hot food ready to go out and there are customers at the register, politely tell the customers that you will be right back; but want to ensure the other guests get their food hot

      • Try not to act overwhelmed (even when you’re feeling it)

    • Preparing to-go and take-out meals:

      • Double check contents

      • EVERY take-out/to-go is to be put in a bag

      • Ask customer if they need a utensil pack

      • Ask customer if they need any additional sauce

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