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Discounts and promotions

At different times of the year we will have different coupons and discounts available.  Most discounts will be pre-loaded into the registers. Be sure to account for which discount the customer is using.  If it is one that has not been put in the register, choose “Promo” as the reason. Then you must go down to the bottom and type in what the promotion or coupon is.  

  • Idaho Direct:  This is buy one get one free up to $10.00.  The free item is ALWAYS the less expensive item ordered.  Ex: A brisket sandwich ($8.99) and a pork sandwich ($7.99) are ordered.  The pork sandwich would be the free item given.

  • Missionary:  All missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints receive 10% off.

  • Sports cards:  The student must show sports card from high school sport.  The student is given a “Student Special” for ½ price.

  • All other cards:  Tyvan, Royal Theater, High School discount cards: do on an individual basis.  Be sure to identify on the bottom of the register.

  • Tuesday:  All military, law enforcement, EMS, teachers get 10% off

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