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Substitutions From The Menu

We always try to accommodate the customer, within reason.

Here are a few regular substitutions that are acceptable:

(Please keep in mind that these are customer driven, not offered.)

  • We will exchange cornbread for drinks in any family special

  • In any entree, we will replace the cornbread for any kids size side

  • Any cheese can be interchangeable 


Things that are NOT acceptable to substitute:

  • Kaiser rolls from family specials are not able to substitute for anything

  • If someone is trying to make too many substitutions (especially with the family specials), they may want to change how they are ordering.  Offer other suggestions; such as, getting meat by the pound, ordering sides separately, etc.


Black Friday Sale.jpg

When we first opened, we allowed people to refill their purchased sauce bottles for $1.00 less than the price.  We discontinued this practice only a few months later. If you have a customer ask for this service, let them know we do NOT do this anymore.

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