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To request time off:

  • Go to the Employee Center

  • Go to the appropriate location

  • Fill in your time off request

  • Please try to adjust your schedule to times when not everyone is asking for time off.  It makes it difficult to honor all requests if everyone asks for the same dates.

It should be noted that these are just requests.  We try to honor those requests; but ultimately have to still fill the shifts.


Once the schedule is out:

  • If you find you need a particular day off, it is now your responsibility to get an appropriate substitute

    • Meaning, someone trained to do your responsibilities

  • It sometimes works best to ask someone the trade shifts rather than just having someone take the shift

  • Sometimes you may have to divide the shift into smaller sections and ask multiple people to cover different sections in order to have the shift fulfilled

  • Be willing to take other people’s shifts.  It will be returned to you when you need a shift covered.  (Remember we’re a team and help your teammates out.)

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