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My First Day

Welcome To Pitmaster!!

What We Expect From You

-Come to work on time

-Have a good attitude


-Be prepared to work

-Be proactive in using your time wisely

-Put your phones away

phone away.gif
good job.gif

What We Can Build Together

-A happy work enviornment

-A good attitude

-Honesty and trust

What You Can Expext From Us

-Timely Paychecks


-Willingness to work with schedules

-Help you be successful

Welcome to your first day of work!

Make sure you've turned in all your paperwork. Make sure you've read all the policies. Remember you can refer back to them through the Employee Center.

Name Tags

Please put your name tag on when you check in and put it back when you check out.  Name tags are required.  If you take it home and forget it, it will cost you $10 to have another made.  So, just leave it here.

Be sure you check in and out for every shift.


Remember to ask questions!

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