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Learning The Front Shift

The front staff are the face of Pitmaster. Our image as a company falls upon those that interact with its customers. Because of this, we take and place a lot of responsibility on them. How you speak with customers, you're knowledge of the menu, and how you can assist them will form their opinion of us as a store.



As a person working the front position, you are responsible for the customer experience. As they walk in, they should see a clean floor, clean tables, and a clean counter. Start your shift with a mental inventory of these things. Make sure that the floors are swept, and mopped if need be. Make sure the garbage isn't over flowing, and the table items are in the correct position.


Remember that everything the customer sees is important. We want to do everything that we can to make their experience the best possible. Dont be afraid to ask them how their food is tasting, if they need anything, and how their experience is.

Speaking with customers

Remember to be polite. As a customer approaches the counter, smile and ask them how they are doing. Being personable is an excellent skill that will help you on the job, but also aid you throughout your life. Feel free to ask if they have been into the store before. If they have, then you have the opportunity to start a conversation with them about their favorite dish. If they have never been in before, then you can briefly go over the menu and point out some of our best selling dishes. 

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