All the things you need to be successful as an employee here at Pitmaster BBQ.


  • Remember to label the sauce after you make it, if you leave it overnight.
  • Welcome HARRISON to the Pitmaster Team!
  • Tell ALEX goodbye, he’s going to college..

Basic Employee Info

Training / Procedures


What can, and cannot be substituted.

Better know the menu

The basics to general cleanliness and special cleaning things here at the store.

What we’d like you to say.

How to best address customers, and move forward productivly.

How to best interface with customers and answer their questions.

Back Staff

Portions, preparing process, and general questions

Dish Room

What procedures to follow every night ar closeing.

How to dissasemble, clean, and effectivly wipe down the smoker.


How to prioritize your time to get your lists done effectivly.

What you need to be aware of every shift.