Know the Menu

Study the menu and be familiar enough to be able to answer any questions.  Here are a few key points to remember:

  • GF = Gluten free


Rib meals:  St. Louis style ribs.  They all come with a piece of cornbread and one additional side.  (Our sauce is a Kansas City style sauce; meaning it is tomato based.)

3 Meat Combo:  3 1/3 oz of brisket, pork, or chicken. 2 ribs.

2 Meat Combo:  5 oz of the brisket, pork or quarter chicken or 3 ribs. It comes with 1 piece of cornbread and one additional side.


Idaho Nacho:  8 oz fresh cut potatoes with cheddar jack cheese, Competition sauce, green onions and meat of choice

  • Pig Candy:  thick sliced bacon with honey, brown sugar and spices carmalized
  • Burnt Ends:  Twice smoked brisket.  Marinated overnight, prepared in chunks and served with burnt end sauce

Quesadilla:  Cheddar jack cheese, pepper jack cheese, Competition sauce, and pork on a flour tortilla

Hawga changa:  Pork, baked beans, pepper jack cheese, Competition sauce in a deep-fried flour tortilla

Potato skins:  4 potato skins with choice of meat, Competition sauce, cheddar jack cheese, bacon and green onions


Burgers (All burgers are reverse seared.  They are cooked in the smoker first and then put on the grill.)

BB Burger
Pastrami Burger
Flaming Hog Burger
  • Pitmaster Burger:  any topping can be put on
  • BB Burger:  Bleu cheese dressing is placed on the burger with Monterey jack cheese, bleu cheese crumbles, and Honey Bourbon sauce
  • Pastrami Burger:  Burger topped with pastrami, Swiss cheese, and spicy mustard
  • Flamin’ Hawg Burger:  Burger topped with peppered pork, XXX sauce, pepper jack cheese, 2 onion rings, 90K habanero pepper and more XXX sauce

All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion


  • Sandwiches
    • Pork:  5 oz pork with Competition sauce
    • Chicken:  5 oz chicken with Competition sauce
    • Brisket:  5 oz brisket with Competition sauce
    • Pastrami:  5 oz pastrami topped with Swiss cheese and spicy mustard
    • Rob’s Favorite:  5 oz brisket topped with provolone cheese, 2 onion rings and Competition sauce
    • The Baxter:  5 oz pork topped with coleslaw, provolone cheese, 2 onion rings and Competition sauce
Pork Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
Robs Sandwich


  • Family Specials
    • Family A:  1 lb pork or brisket, 4 Kaiser rolls, 4 drinks, and 1 family side
    • Family B:  1 rack of ribs, 4 cornbread, 4 drinks, and 1 family side
    • Family C:  6 sliders with meat of choice, 4 drinks and 1 family side
  • Sides
    • Baked beans:  brisket and sweet and savory sauce, GF
    • Smoky Mac-n-Cheese:  creamy macaroni-n-cheese lightly smoked and topped with potato chips and bacon
    • Green beans:  with sauteed onions and bacon, GF
    • Coleslaw:  sweet citrus sauce on cabbage.  It does have mayo in it, GF
    • Potato salad:  mayo based sauce, GF
    • Green salad:  has 2 cucumbers, carrots and diced tomatoes with choice of sauce, GF
    • Pig candy:  Thick sliced bacon with honey, brown sugar and spices all carmalized, GF
    • Onion rings:  beer battered rings
    • Fries:  fresh cut potatoes.  They are NOT considered gluten-free because they are fried in the same oil as the onion rings
  • Salads
    • Big Pit:  spring mix lettuce, 2 oz meat, cheddar jack cheese, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and dressing on the side
    • Small Pit:  Same as above but ½ the size