Cleanliness begins with the basic personal hygiene of all employees.

  • We expect, as far as personal hygiene:
    • Clean hands
      • Be sure to wash hands upon arrival to work and any time you change work areas or before touching foods
  • Clean hair, face
    • If wearing a hat, it must be a Pitmaster BBQ hat
    • No facial piercings
    • No extreme hair colors
    • Long hair pulled back

  • Clean Pitmaster BBQ shirt
  • Pants or Knee-length shorts without holes

All areas of the restaurant needs to be clean.  We deal with a lot of meat and have to avoid cross contamination at all times.  Things to remember about cross contamination:

  • Change gloves when working with raw meat
  • After putting meats on the smoker, remove glove to open door back into restaurant
  • Remove gloves to open refrigerators, warmers, ovens
  • Clean any area as soon as finished working, especially with the meats, with sanitizer water
  • Change gloves any time ticket indicates a gluten free (GF) customer 
  • All used cooking utensils must be washed and sanitized after lunch service

Dining room:

  • Trays need to be removed from the dining room often and the tray return area cleaned.  It is acceptable to clean the garbage area with cleaner and paper towels; so that the towels may be immediately thrown away.
  • Any fingerprints on the windows need to be cleaned with window cleaner
  • Sweep periodically as needed throughout the day; especially after families with young children.
  • Booths, tables and chairs need to be moved for nightly sweeping and mopping or as needed.
  • Highchairs need to be cleaned taking care to wipe the front and sides
  • Wipe clean the counters throughout the day
  • At night cleaning, be sure to use the CHECKLIST which outlines all the cleaning processes.

Mop room:

  • Mop room needs to remain clear and clean
  • After night use, keep all brooms, squeegees, and scrubbing brushes hung up–off the floor
  • Mop bucket needs to be cleaned inside and out periodically
  • Keep dirty linens in bin
  • Report to GM when opening last product so there’s time to refill
  • Mop draining sink needs to be cleaned with Comet periodically


  • Office window cleaned with window cleaner


Using the dishroom checklist will ensure that the nightly tasks are completed.  In addition to the nightly assignments, things to accomplish are:

  • Dish racks pulled out and walls and floors cleaned with floor cleaner
  • Outside of sinks cleaned with Comet*
  • Shelving above sinks cleaned
  • Outside of dish machine cleaned with Comet
  • Clean inside of dish machine with sponge and lightly with Comet

*To clean with Comet means

  • Sprinkle area with Comet
  • Scrub with a sponge
  • Rinse with water

Storage room:

  • Sweep and mop the storage room nightly when mopping the kitchen floor
  • Keep storage area clean
  • Keep food off the floor

Utensil bins and drawers:

  • Empty any bins and/or drawers of their utensils
  • Clean thoroughly
  • Dry with paper towel
  • Replace utensils


  • Clean table off with sponge or towel