Fulfilling a Cater

Fulfilling a Cater

Step 1:  Early prep

  • Be aware of the cater and any inventory ordering needs 1 week prior.
  • Review 2 days before.
  • If needed, begin vacuum sealing meat.  Be sure to weigh and MARK before putting in freezer.  This is for large orders that can’t be done in one smoker (hundreds of pounds).
  • Caters need 50% down to confirm the order.

Step 2:  One day before

  • Complete ANY task that can be done the day before; such as, but not limited to:
    • Portion out any potato salad.
    • Prep any sauce bottles.
    • Fulfill any cornbread needs; being sure to include honey and butter 
      • 1 butter per slice of cornbread
      • 1 honey per slice of cornbread up to 50 pieces.  If more than 50, give one honey bear for every 50 pieces.
    • Portion any baked beans. They can go in the fridge with tape stating they need to be cooked.  Mark on the catering sheet their location and cooking need status. 
    • Coleslaw cabbage can be portioned out with tape stating the need for sauce to be added.
    • If macaroni and cheese is on the order, make sure there is ample noodles cooked and cheese grated.
    • Check for any desserts. 
  • Make a courtesy call to reassure customer that their order will be ready. This is not a confirmation call.  Their deposit has already been made and food bought–just a courtesy call.

Step 3:  Day of cater

  • Evaluate anything done the previous day.
  • Check refrigerators for anything that needs cooking and put in oven.
  • Check for anything that needs sauces and make sure there’s enough sauce.
  • Check all meat amount needs.  Remember presentation is important.
    • Brisket:  SINGLE layered.  Bark side up. Juices in bottom.  (If there’s not enough juice from the actual brisket, heat some of the beef broth for the required amount needed.)
    • Pork:  Pulled, sprayed with apple juice and sprinkled with Butt rub.
    • Chicken:  Pulled, sprayed with apple juice or chicken broth and sprinkled with Butt rub.
    • Ribs:  Prepared, sliced to individual ribs.  Placed in aluminum pan meat side UP.
  • Label ALL containers with:
    • What it contains.
    • Name of customer.
    • If multiple pans, label how many total pans.  Ex: 1 of 2, 2 of 2.
  • Include disposable service ware, i.e., tongs and serving spoons.
  • Check off items before customer leaves or before person delivering leaves.  Get a VISUAL on all items when checking them off.