Cleaning The Smoker

Smoker Cleaning Checklist

  1.  Turn smoker off. Take all racks out of smoker.  Let them soak in dishroom sink of hot water.
  2.  Scrub the racks till clean.  Use steel wool. Leave them placed aside to dry.
  3.   Drain smoker into bucket and put juices/oils in the 50 gallon drums near large dumpster.  Never leave the valve open unattended and when finished, make sure it’s closed.
  4.   Make sure all food bits are out of the bottom of the smoker.  Use the hoe to scrape out the bottom. Be sure to clean off the hoe after using. Use shovel or dust pan to scoop all the crap out of the inside.
  5. Spray the doors with oven cleaner, then scrub them with steel wool. Immediately wipe down the door with paper towels, until polished.
  6.  After racks are clean and put back into the smoker, make sure the front of smoker is free from any juices or food particles.
  7.  Empty the ash into the metal bucket.  Be careful because the ash will still be hot.  After putting the ash into the metal bucket, add some cold water to cool it down.  Leave the ash in the metal bucket to be thrown away later when cool. Do not throw the ash away the same night because it will burn the garbage in the dumpster. Don’t throw out the whole logs if any are remaining.


Smoker Area Cleaning Checklist

  1. Empty the entire area.  (Pull mower, etc. out from behind.) Get everything off the ground.
  2. Sweep.  Be sure to get behind the smoker.
  3. Pour some cement cleaner (If there isn’t any, use degreaser.) Using the scrub brush, brush the area.  Rinse with water.
  4. Use the same procedure between the back door and smoker area AND just outside the fence on the sidewalk. (Sweep, scrub, rinse)
  5. Replace everything.