Raw Meat Prep

  • Remember no cross contamination
  • Change gloves when needing to handle anything other than the raw meat
  • Remove gloves when using door handles
  • Remember the “clean” hand “dirty” hand concept
    • Only handle the meat with one hand “dirty”
    • Use knife handles and seasonings with other hand “clean”


  • Remove brisket from package.  Be sure to try to keep blood and juices in the package and discard.
  • Wipe off with a paper towel
  • Cut off the chunk of fat in 2 areas.  Also, trim anything that is nasty or weird
  • Pour little worcestershire sauce and spread with gloved hand
  • Sprinkle Spade L over any exposed meat.  No need to season the fat
  • Put in the smoker, fat side up
  • Put 3-4 pieces Pecan (or hickory) wood in the fire box

Next morning

  • Pull out 2 long sheets of aluminum foil
  • Place smoked brisket on foil in the center
  • Pour beef broth into cupped foil, counting to 4.  This should be about 1 ½-2 cups of broth.
  • Pull up first layer of foil and curl foil together.  Curl up the sides also. Repeat with the second layer of foil.
  • Remove from smoker at 180*-185*


  • Remove pork from package.  Be sure to keep blood and any juices in the package and discard
  • Wipe off with a paper towel
  • Using a squeeze bottle, apply honey mustard to pork butt (not spicy mustard).
  • Sprinkle Butt Rub all over the pork butt; being sure to get it in any cracks or bends of the meat
  • Place in smoker fat side up

Next morning

  • Pull out long piece of aluminum foil
  • Place pork in the center of foil and fold foil up around it.  Curl the foil together on the top and fold sides up also
  • Remove from smoker at 195*-205*


Chicken Quarters:

  • Cut excessive skin off the underside
  • Cut off the end of the spine section
  • Clean out the innards near the spine 
  • Sprinkle Butt Rub all over
  • Place in smoker meat side up
  • Be sure to put apple (or hickory) wood in fire box
  • Chicken quarters are done at 165* but better at 175*!  Don’t overcook chicken 

Chicken Split Breasts:

  • Trim any large amounts of fat, leaving any small amounts
  • Sprinkle with Butt Rub all over
  • Place in smoker with apple wood in fire box
  • Temp to 175*

Chicken Thighs:

  • Sprinkle with Butt Rub
  • Place in smoker
  • Since thighs are smaller, they don’t take very long

*After chicken has smoked about an hour, you can put it in a pan, cover with foil and finish it in the oven (if you need the smoker space).


  • Open package and pull ribs out
    • Try to keep blood in the package to be thrown out
  • Wipe ribs with paper towel
  • Place on tray bone side up
  • Place knife next to the bone and make a small slice on the membrane (it is the top layer)
  • Using a paper towel, pull up on the membrane and remove (it looks glossy)
  • Turn the rib over and look for the “silver skin” and slice off
    • Turn back over to have bone side up
  • Drizzle honey mustard from a squeeze bottle over rib
    • Spread with hand over the rib
  • Sprinkle Rib Rub over rib
    • Because “rub” is in the name does NOT mean you rub it in.  Sprinkle it over the rib
  • Turn the rib over to meat side up
  • Drizzle honey mustard from a squeeze bottle over the rib being sure to run your hand down the sides
  • Sprinkle Rib Rub over rib.  Tip the rib on the side and sprinkle Rib Rub over sides and ends
  • Place in smoker meat side up with apple or hickory wood in the fire box
  • Allow ribs to smoke for 2 hours and then prepare to wrap them

Wrapping ribs:

  • Spray top of rib with apple juice-from a spray bottle
  • Pull aluminum foil out for each rack of ribs in smoker
  • Pull rack of ribs out and place on the foil, meat side down
  • Quick spray of apple juice from spray bottle
  • Fold the foil from the bottom up over the ribs, then the 2 sides inward, then the top foil down
  • Place back in the smoker 
  • Ribs should be about 200*

Night time care of ribs:

  • Do NOT wrap the ribs in plastic wrap when taken out of the smoker
  • Only the ribs that have to be carried over to the next need to be wrapped in plastic wrap
  • Any ribs that will be carried over to the next day need to be put in the fridge