Menu Preparation


  • Split breasts
    • Trim any excess fat or skin
    • Sprinkle lightly with Butt Rub
  • Quarters
    • Trim extra skin 
    • Clean out organs from under the spine
    • Cut off point of spine
    • Sprinkle lightly with Butt Rub
  • Thighs
    • Trim only excessive fat
    • Sprinkle lightly with Butt Rub

Place in smoker.  Be sure there is wood (apple) in the fire box. Keep chicken on one side of the smoker, to not cross contaminate. Chicken needs to be 165*


  • Pig Candy
    •  Put a piece of liner paper on cookie sheet
    • Place a cooling rack over the paper
    • Place 10/12 bacon on the cooling rack
    • Squeeze honey in back and forth motion over the bacon
    • SPRINKLE light brown sugar and pat onto the bacon.  Do NOT put too much sugar on the bacon. If too much brown sugar is on the bacon, it flakes off and dries out.
    • Sprinkle with Smokin’ Guns. (Like you’d sprinkle salt and pepper.  Enough to taste but not excessive.)
    • Bake about 20 minutes.  Don’t want it fatty or too soft–but not burned!
  • Bacon (for burgers and bacon crumbles)
    • Put a cooling rack on a cookie sheet
    • Place 14/16 bacon on the rack
    • Bake about 18 minutes till crispy

Cold Table

  • Place spring mix lettuce in bin
  • Cut cucumbers and fill bin.  Be sure to put any cucumbers from the previous day on the top
  • Dice tomatoes.  Put the diced tomatoes in a NEW bag.  Do not put new tomatoes in with old ones.
  • Slice tomatoes for burgers.  New slices under any from previous day.
  • Slice onions for burgers.  New slices under any from previous day.
  • Place a new bag of shredded carrots in cold table.  Do not combine old and new carrots.