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Delivering Food to Customers

Delivering Food to Customers


  • Double check ticket

    • Check for food accuracy

    • Check for sauces and/or butter

      • Hawga sauce for Hawga-changa

      • Fry sauce for fries (1 for kids, regular, and large. 2 for family size)

      • Dressings for salads

      • 1 butter for cornbread (Of course if customer asks for more, give whatever they want.)

      • 1 honey for cornbread (to-go orders)

      • Any sauces for to-go orders

    • Take the ticket with you to the table

      • If the customer has a question about the order, you have the ticket with you for an immediate answer

      • No excess tickets on the counter getting mixed up

    • If there is fry sauce on the order, ask the guest if they are familiar with it.  If they aren’t explain to stir it up.

    • Ask if everything is correct and let them know we are there to help them 

    • For a to-go order:

      • Every to-go order goes in a sack

      • Ask if they need a utensil pack

      • Ask if they need any additional sauces

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